The best data recovery programs for 2022


Data recovery from a hard drive, flash drives and memory cards is an expensive and, unfortunately, sometimes in demand service. However, in many cases, such as when .

The hard drive has been accidentally formatted, it is entirely possible to try a free program (or paid product) to recover important data

With a competent approach, this will not entail further complication of the recovery process, and therefore, if you fail, then specialized firms will still be able to help you.

Below are data recovery programs, paid and free, which in most cases, from relatively simple ones, such as deleting files, to more complex ones, such as damaged partition structure and formatting, can .

Help recover photos, documents, videos, and other files, and not only on Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7, but also on Android, Linux and Mac OS X.

Some of the tools are also available as bootable disk images from which you can boot for the data recovery procedure. 

If you are interested in free recovery, you can see a separate article 17 free data recovery software , and if you want to recover data on Mac, then: Data recovery in Mac OS.

It is also worth considering that when recovering data yourself, you should follow some principles to avoid unpleasant consequences, more on this: Data recovery for beginners . If the information is critical and valuable, it may be more appropriate to turn to professionals in this field.

Recuva is the most famous free software

In my opinion, Recuva is the most popular data recovery program, but not the best – I bring it to the first place of the list only because of its significant popularity. You can download it for free (there is also a paid version on the official website, the difference from the free version is only in technical support). 

This software allows a novice user to easily recover deleted files (from a flash drive, memory card or hard drive).

In the tests carried out, only those files that were deleted are confidently restored and, at the same time, the flash drive or hard drive was hardly used after that (i.e., the data was not overwritten). 

If the flash drive was formatted in a different file system, then recovering data from it is already worse. Also, the program will not cope in cases where the computer reports “the disk is not formatted.”

Recuva allows you to search for certain types of files – for example, if you need exactly the photos that were on the camera’s memory card.

Disk Drill for Windows

Initially, the Disk Drill program existed in a version only for Mac OS X (paid), but relatively recently, the developers released first a free, and now a paid version of Disk Drill for Windows, which.

Can quite effectively recover your data – deleted files and photos, information from formatted drives . At the same time, the program has an excellent understandable interface, in Russian, and some additional features – for example, creating drive images and working with them.

Transcend RecoveRx

This program is released by the famous manufacturer of USB flash drives and memory cards Transcend, but Recover works great with other drives, all this is free, in Russian and very simple for a novice user.