Top 5 Worst Durham Data Recovery Services Software

Have you lost any data recently? Are you looking for ways on how to recover it? Fortunately, there are a number of ways through which you can recover your lost data. One of the most popular ways is by using Durham Data Recovery Services software. However, there are thousands of Durham Data Recovery Services software out there, and finding the best won’t be easy. But just to help you out, below are the worst data recovery software you should avoid by all means. They are ineffective and will waste your time completely. 

1. Photo Rec :

It’s a free Data Recovery Services software that “might” help you recover your lost data. The main problem with this software, however, is that it is complex to use. The navigation is quite difficult thanks to its command line interface. Moreover, you can’t just recover the one or two files that you want to, as it forces you to recover all the files. Thus making your work quite challenging. 

2. B Plan Durham Data Recovery Services :

The problem with this software starts when you try to launch it. It installs incorrectly and when you try clicking on the shortcut on the desktop, it won’t launch. You will have to open the bplan.exe file in order to launch it. Moreover, the navigation is also difficult. It is therefore very inefficient for recovering your data. 

3. The MiniTool Power Data Recovery :

Installing the MiniTool Power Durham Data Recovery Services tool exposes you to losing your data completely. It’s because the installation may overwrite the deleted files and thus minimize the chances of you recovering them. If your data is highly valuable, then this isn’t a risk you’re willing to take. Additionally, it also limits your recovery up to only 1 GB.

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4. Wise Data Recovery :

The name might win you over, but this software is a no-go zone. First and foremost, the software is unable to recover most of the data. It’s, therefore, a waste of time. Again, it doesn’t have a deep scan feature. As such, you will have very minimal chances of recovering your data. 

5. Free Undelete :

When it comes to Durham Data Recovery Services software, be mindful of the free ones. As much as you won’t have to pay for them, they may cost you in some other ways. The Free Undelete is quite frustrating. The files and folders are poorly organized. You will, therefore, find it hard to locate the data that you want to recover. Moreover, it may show non-existent drives in your computer. The above are the top 5 worst data recovery software. If you want to easily recover your data fast, then find other better data recovery software.