Remember The Best Data Recovery Experience

No email for a week, and I lived through the dream of all IT practitioners – Data Recovery loss. In 1T mobile hard disk, about 500g of partition disappeared for no reason, and it is necessary to have a lot of people who have encountered such things, helpless, try to recover as soon as possible, how much it can be restored.

Partition Format :

Since this mobile hard drive is often switched back and forth in Windows and Mac platforms, the FAT32 format used at the time a single 4GB file is not confused. Luckily, this type of format is more common and also easy to recover. Here you have to say:

  • FAT32 Format drives can be read and written on Windows and Mac platforms, but have a single 4 GB file limit;
  • NTFS is perfectly compatible with the Windows platform, but under the MAC platform, the default is read-only, but write permission can be obtained through the Magic Mac system or through a third-party plugin;
  • Exfat format is also compatible with Windows and Mac platforms, but this type of format is not stable, there will be Data Recovery loss phenomena, and after problems, common technical means, it is basically difficult to recover data.
Data Recovery

Data Recovery Tool :

Many hard drive data recovery tools on the market are basically unable to recover lost data. The general person is not very important data, and the file format is compared, and after the data is lost, it will stop the file trying to recover, or can recover 90% + data. Here I tried a few tools I tried, I hope I can help friends in need and take less detours.

  • Easy recovery (Kroll On Track) Pay attention to the name of the software vendor in brackets, because there are still many internal wagon data recovery tools on the market, also called Easy recovery, the name is basically difficult to distinguish the name, so pay attention to the name from the manufacturer. This tool was used 10 years ago, even if it is the old 6.0 version, the recovery capability is also very strong, that is, scanning is slow. After recovering from 300g of lost data, 90% were basically perfectly recovered.
  • Disk genius is an old tool and it should be known that the system should be known that the disk partition tools that are basically integrated into PE and there is also a data recovery function. 400+G of data is to recover this tool, and the normal file format is restored to ok, but PSD, the recovered compressed compressed file is not high. In general, it is still available, pay attention to most of the latest version of the crack of some downloads is actually a free version, which is generally used, but resumes one big file resume, so that the data will not be restored. It is recommended to use the old version 4.7 or 4.2 with the full crack version.
  • Word-mouth’s Final Data data recovery tools actually use the recovery situation is not ideal, or it may be found version.
  • Manufacturer tool name Kroll On track Cottage Kroll On track, although the tool name is plagiarized, the actual recovery of the ability is not bad, and it is mostly recoverable.
Data Recovery

The amount of Linkedin data is large using Disk Genius and the progress of the scan can also be archived. You can choose Easy Recovery, foreign original or domestic data version. The specific recovery process is not detailed here, all Windows tools, graphical interfaces, monitoring, mostly recovery time.

Linux Data Recovery :

Since the data is recovered, the server we have in operation is still Linux, and it is said that the rm -rf /*Common Emergencies Method for does not work. For a moment of arrogance, only years of running and maintenance, I am also young and arrogant, caught rm -rf *Transfer finally had a problem with the problem, gave online data to the shuttle, then …. It is omitted in the middle office exciting story and directly in the process of recovery .